Introducing Free Ventures' Batch X

FreeV Updates

  1. We successfully wrapped up Batch X and look forward to seeing what our 6 amazing companies do next!

  2. RoBhat Labs (Batch X) was recently featured on the New York Times for their work in preventing misinformation.

  3. Congratulations to Blake LaFayette, Alice Deng, Daniella Wenger, and Jeffrey Feng from our internal team for graduating!

Read our full article on Batch X here. Below are introductions for each company.

Batch X — Spring ‘18

RoBhat Labs: Using machine learning techniques and cryptography to stop the spread of misinformation. Signed contract with the DNC and frequently feature on MSNBC, Wired, and other outlets. Currently focused on making their product production-ready and doing demos to secure paying clients for the November 2018 elections. Read more in this feature on Wired

Gainful: Personalized protein powder, delivered directly to your doorstep. Since launch 8 months ago, Gainful has been growing revenue by 80% month over month. They did over $55K in revenue in March, have over 1200 active subscribers, and are profitable on each customer’s first purchase. Recently completed YC’s Winter ’18 Batch and is finalizing a target $1M seed round. Learn more in this recent article

MadTech Labs: Developing tertiary hybrid power trains as B2B products to disrupt the transportation market. Two-person founding team with deep industry expertise comprised of a PhD in mechanical engineering and an undergraduate specializing in customer development. To date, they have validated the technology in the lab, and are seeking to scale with customers this year and raise a small seed round. 

Spotlight: Spotlight is a social video app where K-pop fans create and share fun music videos. Users select from a library of songs and record themselves lip-syncing and dancing. They can also add special effects such as augmented reality face stickers. They currently have >100k users (70k MAU) to date with strong engagement metrics, and currently raising a seed round. 

YearBook: A platform seeking to revolutionize the way photos are shared between teachers and parents during early childhood development. YearBook optimizes efficiency by decreasing the distribution efforts required on the teacher’s part while providing an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use platform for parents to view photos of their beloved. Signed initial contracts with customers with intended launch date within the next few months. 

Stealth Mode Startup: Under NDA due to contract with a distributor, this company is working to replace physical ownership with global access while helping consumers realize more utility out of the cost of everyday items. Team of serial founders and hackers with experience at leading companies such as Affirm, Google, Expo and Uber.

Be sure to read the full article to learn about the challenges our companies faced and new insights into Berkeley startup activity!